Hi. I’m Dre Armeda. I'm a Harley enthusiast, and a Chargers fan. I wear many hats, and love tacos. I'm infatuated with WordPress, web design, and web security. I work at Sucuri Security. I hope to help make the web a safer place!

My Interview on Doubt The Doubts

A few weeks back I was interviewed by Paul Blais, Founder & Host of the Doubt The Doubts Podcast. The podcast is one of the top podcast in iTunes and focuses on “Killing The Doubts That Kill The Dreams”. During the podcast we talked about finding the right resources and not depending entirely upon yourself. Hire to compliment your weakness because your strengths are all ready there.

In the interview Paul drew out of me not only my story, but also some struggles I went through, successes I found, and then he finished the interview drawing out what he calls my sage wisdom. I would love for you to hear the story of my journey. Take a listen below and let me know what you think.


Public Safety Should Be Top Priority!

I am very disappointed with the state of emergency services in City of Menifee.

When someone calls 9-1-1 frantically because they think someone is breaking into their home, it is not acceptable for the emergency operator to reply, and I paraphrase, “Sorry, we don’t have any officers available, they are out on higher priority calls, we will have an officer call you back when they are available”.

Yes, this is what dispatch told my mother this morning when this scenario presented itself to her. Fortunately, she was able to make a call to family to come check on her this time, and everything was OK. What happens next time, when that family member is not available?

After the fact, officers told us that on the mid-watch, Menifee has 3 officers on duty at any given time. That’s 3 officers for a city of over 88,000 people, in fabulous Riverside County no less.

Another interesting note, it was mentioned by a city official that although the total number of police officers we should have in Menifee is somewhere in the 80′s, we are staffed somewhere in the 30′s. Think about that, that’s a scary number if accurate.

We are a growing city, the state wants more of our profits every day, but something’s not right here. We’re either not properly forecasting and growing our emergency services adequately, or, we’re recklessly slashing them due to budget cuts. Either way, this should be a priority, and a critical safety concern for our city.

Our current state of response when it comes to public safety is unacceptable! At this rate, we’re waiting on a catastrophic incident to occur for us to really dig deep and take this matter seriously!

A young and growing city, are we making poor decisions at the cost of our community?

We need change!


Heading Over the Pond: WordCamp Europe

I was selected to speak at WordCamp Europe in October. I’m very excited to head back to Europe for the first time since my Navy days, and this time for WordPress.

Dre Armeda: Real WordPress Security – Kill the Noise!


Adobe Creative Cloud Upgrade Path Equals Null

Adobe Creative Cloud is pretty awesome. You pay a monthly premium for the products you want to use, I love it. Well, at least I did until today (I still love it, just a little less).

I had the single license for Photoshop and wanted to go for the full suite upgrade today. Apparently it’s not so simple, check out this chat with Adobe Creative Cloud support:

Adobe Creative Cloud Upgrade Path

I guess when there’s no suitable alternative you have no choice, but I’ll tell you that this has been less than a favorable experience.

As someone that works at a SaaS company I know this is generally easy to build, and last I heard, Adobe wasn’t hurting in the resources department. What’s the point of not allowing quick upgrades through their dash, this is an easy win, especially if you incentivize? This sounds like it has a lot of upside if implemented.

Anyway, that was it. I’ll end my little rant here, and I leave it to you. What would you do if you were Adobe? What would you do as one of their customers needing to upgrade?


Create An Awesome Instagram Photo Website Using WordPress

This week Instagram decided to change their terms which caught a lot of social attention, and the critics hammered them on their new position. After the backlash, we got a statement from Instagram co-founder giving his take on the changes.

What Now?

Sticking with Instagram is an option. Moving back to Flickr (which I also love) is also viable, along with other options I’m sure. I love the use of 3rd party apps, but my whole point in writing this quick article is to show you how to bring it all back to you, at least when it comes to Instagram.

The next few sections of this post will walk you through setting up WordPress to pull all of your existing images from Instagram, and also configure your WordPress site to auto-post all future Instagram images.

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