Hi. I’m Dre Armeda. I'm a Harley enthusiast, and a Chargers fan. I wear many hats, and love tacos. I'm infatuated with WordPress, web design, and web security. I work at Sucuri Security. I hope to help make the web a safer place!

Public Safety Should Be Top Priority!

I am very disappointed with the state of emergency services in City of Menifee.

When someone calls 9-1-1 frantically because they think someone is breaking into their home, it is not acceptable for the emergency operator to reply, and I paraphrase, “Sorry, we don’t have any officers available, they are out on higher priority calls, we will have an officer call you back when they are available”.

Yes, this is what dispatch told my mother this morning when this scenario presented itself to her. Fortunately, she was able to make a call to family to come check on her this time, and everything was OK. What happens next time, when that family member is not available?

After the fact, officers told us that on the mid-watch, Menifee has 3 officers on duty at any given time. That’s 3 officers for a city of over 88,000 people, in fabulous Riverside County no less.

Another interesting note, it was mentioned by a city official that although the total number of police officers we should have in Menifee is somewhere in the 80′s, we are staffed somewhere in the 30′s. Think about that, that’s a scary number if accurate.

We are a growing city, the state wants more of our profits every day, but something’s not right here. We’re either not properly forecasting and growing our emergency services adequately, or, we’re recklessly slashing them due to budget cuts. Either way, this should be a priority, and a critical safety concern for our city.

Our current state of response when it comes to public safety is unacceptable! At this rate, we’re waiting on a catastrophic incident to occur for us to really dig deep and take this matter seriously!

A young and growing city, are we making poor decisions at the cost of our community?

We need change!


Another Round of Passing the Blame

Hi, I’m that quiet guy that everyone ignores. Times have changed, I can no longer get guns or ammo, my country felt that guns were the root cause for so many unwarranted and useless deaths. Well, in part maybe.

Funny thing is, as I have quietly been ignored, I read, and I mean I read a lot! I learned how to make pipe bombs and other powerful explosives from every day items I can get at Lowes, or Home Depot, or Insert your favorite hardware store here.

Yah, that’s it. I’ll just blow up a school, or train station, or whatever is in my way when something triggers my psychopathic tendencies. Ya, guns are too slow anyway, not impactful enough.

No, this is not a pro gun rant, but if you really think guns are the issue here, you’re not thinking deep enough. The reality is when it’s not guns anymore, it will be something else, and then something else.

We love to push blame. We love to put bandaids on the compound fractures of life. Sorry to tell you folks, this is way more complicated than picking your next scapegoat.

In the end, we need to do a better job of understanding the risk anyone poses to OUR society. Why was this guy able to snap and cause the misery he caused today? There were no signs he was a wack job? I call bullshit! What did I, you, we do wrong to allow this?

We need to be held accountable as a people, I don’t think we’re doing the best we can, not even close. It’s a sad day for the loved ones of 18 children, our world, and the human race because we love to push blame.

This is the world our children and children’s children will live in. We are failing indeed!


My WordPress Tattoo

I love ink, and I have been wanting to start on my sleeves for a long time. I broke down yesterday and got it going with the addition of the WordPress logo on my left arm. I worked with Alain over at Skullhaus in Murrieta, CA.
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My Talking Taco

So I woke up to two of my favorite things. Breakfast in bed with a plate full of bacon was first, and then all my girls hand me this:

If that’s an indicator, today is gonna be rad!


Harley Davidson Nightster

Time to hit the road in style. I got a 2011 Harley Davidson Nightster today, in all black :)

2011 Harley Davidson Nightster

I am having the forward controls installed and everything should be ready in the next few days.

B.F.A.M. Tony went with a Fatboy Lo, that thing is sick! He was looking at a few different options, but I think he made the right choice. He cruised his up from Harley Davidson San Diego this afternoon, congrats bro!

I’ll follow up with pics in the next few days of both hogs.

I can’t wait to get on a the road cruisin :)